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Sensory Solutions, Wellness Products & Advocacy 

Your Coz​y

Our 5 lb weighted blanket was designed for children on the spectrum. We have customized this just for your child.  We  made sure that the weight is evenly proportioned across the blanket, and that a variety of other sensitivity precautions have been used. We do not have tags on our blankets, and softness is key in this product.  Our customers and clients love to use this when they need to calm their sensory system.  It is a favorite for kiddos with insomnia or other sleep issues.  

Weighted Blanket


These noise cancelling headphones are made for your hypersensitive child. When a child is over-responsive or defensive to auditory input, they may avoid loud, crowded spaces, cover their ears at loud noises like the vacuum or toi​let flushing, or startle at unexpected sounds. Neurodiverse people oftentimes overreact to auditory information and it contributes to difficulties with self-regulation. There are times where the world may just seem a little too loud, and the noise cancelling headphones may help. There are other times, where they distractions are needed from what is going on, and music may be the best option! Balance comes from our inner ear, and our children definitely need!

Auditory sensitivities can lead to sensory overstimulation and even sensory overload. This makes it a necessity to have some auditory sensory tools in your sensory toolbox for home, school, and on-the-go! These seven color LED breathing light noise cancelling headphones are perfect for your hypersensitive child. They include Bluetooth 5.0, a long battery life, a human body learning design and allow for voice calls. They are easy to fold and carry with soft earmuffs that will breathe. These headphones have 3 connection modes including Bluetooth, card and plugin mode.

Noise Cancelling Headphones